Miracles In The Kingdom Anthology



Visionary Elder Montavis & EIT Sha’Nail Lee

Elder Montavis Lee and Min Sha'Nail Lee joined in holy matrimony on August 13, 2022, at Aquila & Priscilla Ministries, Franklin, Virginia. With a burning desire to serve the Lord, Elder Montavis served in his parent's ministry for years in every area of need. He served in Audio & Visual, Opening and Closing the ministry, Hospitality, and Leadership Roles. On February 4, 2023, Elder Montavis Lee was ordained as the first elder of Aquila & Priscilla Ministries. After serving in the ministry, Elder Montavis and Min Sha'Nail Lee established several ministries under the extension of Aquila & Priscilla Ministries. Mountain Movers is an international outreach ministry broadcasted all over media sources. Mountain Movers Ministries is a house of faith, love, and salvation.

Married 2 Ministry is a ministry that provides Godly counsel for married and singles. God honors marriages, so Elder Montavis Lee and Min Sha'Nail Lee deserved to be a Godly example of a Godly marriage, representing our Lord and Savior. All while having the desire to MAKE JESUS FAMOUS.

Elder Montavis & Min Sha'Nail Lee launched KINGDOM MINDED PUBLISHING. Elder Montavis & Sha'Nail Lee's mission is to publish KINGDOM-MINDED books that would positively impact GOD'S people, bringing HEALING, RESTORATION, and SALVATION. They are self-publishers of 7 Keys 2 Prosperity, and Min Sha'Nail Is a self-publisher of I Prophesy I Declare through KINGDOM MINDED PUBLISHING.

Elder Montavis Lee, having a heart for the men inspired by his father, Pastor Jesse Lee, created Building Giants Men's Group and is due to release Building Giants Magazine. Building Giants Magazine is designed to help encourage and uplift men to take their rightful place. The magazine will be a source of fellowship and discipleship to support, lead, and guide men. The magazine aims to build a strong audience of men to be featured in the magazine with their business or their purpose in the kingdom of God. Alongside Elder Montavis, Min Sha'Nail have several businesses, and Elite Businesswomen was formed in 2017 and have grown in record numbers. She recently formed the ELITE BUSINESS MAGAZINE. Elite Business Women Magazine elevates and highlights women whose accomplishments get overlooked and sometimes never noticed. Building God’s Kingdom One Soul at a time is their mission all while building successful marriage and businesses. Their love for GOD and Each other will out last the test of time.

Co-Author Pastor & Prophet Patricia Lee

Pastor Jesse & Prophet Patricia Lee have been married for over 50 years and have been in ministry during this time. They preside over Aquila & Priscilla Ministries, headquartered in Courtland, Virginia, and serve as prophets and pastors for this season.

They are exceptional mentors, builders, and encouragers who deeply care for people and motivate them to reach their full potential.

They are devoted to pursuing God's presence, are anointed in teaching and preaching, and have a heart for seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Co-Author Marilyn Fenderson.

Pastor Dr.Marilyn Fenderson is a devout Christian, a beacon of inspiration, and the founderof Marilyn Fenderson Ministries. Her mission through Marilyn FendersonMinistries is to spread God's word and facilitate transformation on a globalscale. She aims to reform minds and spirits with her divine revelation,literary works, and teachings.

As a cancer survivor, Pastor Dr. Marilyn Fenderson testifies to the power of healing and restoration, empowering others to live purposefully. She shares God's wisdom, word, power, and love through her authored books, magazine articles,blogs, videos, and social media presence. Her coaching and mentoring of women and youth encourage them to step outside their comfort zones and embrace their destinies, always guided by God's plan.

Pastor Dr.Marilyn Fenderson's impact extends beyond words. She actively engages in outreach initiatives, partnering with food pantries, battered women's shelters,homeless shelters, and nursing homes to provide practical assistance, ministry,and support.

Prepare to be inspired by Pastor Dr. Marilyn Fenderson's powerful writings and messages,delivered with conviction and authority, urging you to live a life grounded in godly principles. Her accolades as a bestselling author, speaker, counselor,mentor, and advocate for change reflect her immense dedication to uplifting others.

Co-Author Evangelist Sanjana Aaron Robinson

Evangelist Sanjuna Aaron Robinson is the founder and CEO of T & T Glam Shop, LLC. She a Herbassador of The Herprenuer Network. Evangelist Sanjuna was born and raised in El Dorado, Ar by her single mother until around the age of 16 she moved out of the home with her mother and she then became pregnant with her first child at a early age, age 17 teen, she then dropped out of High School and then began living in society. Sanjuna's circumstances and need to provide for her offsprings ultimately earned her four years pretrial home detention followed by 36 months in federal custody. The act that of feeding and clothing her children resulted in her losing custody to all her children.

The story doesn't end here. Sanjuna was forced to leave behind six children was devastating and reality had finally set in for her. Isolated from society and her family allowed time for Sanjuna to re channel her thoughts. It was in the pre trial time that she learned not to lean on her own understanding, but in all ways acknowledge Him and allowing God to direct her path. Proverbs 3:6 While she was doing her time in federal prison at the camp she spent most of her time fasting and praying. After she left prison not only did God restored her, God gave her everything the enemy thought he had taken from her including her children. She now trying to live a Christ like life. Sanjuna is very strong and confident.

She will not shy away from a task because she feels it's a challenge no matter when obstacles are thrown her way. Sauna hasn't let no challenge she's gone through prevent her from pressing forward. She is very clear about what she wants. I will close by describing Evangelist Sanjuna as Diligent, Persistent, Steadfast, Disciplined, Capable, Assertive and a Warrior Of God.

Co-Author Deacon Jacqueline Brunson

Jacqueline Brunson, known affectionately as GG, is a remarkable woman with a diverse background and a passion for caring. A woman of faith, Jacqueline embraced Christianity in 1986, which has undoubtedly shaped her compassionate approach to life. Born in Suffolk, Virginia, and raised in New Jersey, her childhood dreams of being a housewife and teacher laid the foundation for her nurturing spirit. Jacqueline has lived in various places, including Bethlehem,Easton, Allentown, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Although her educational journey took an unconventional path, Jacqueline's determination and drive led her to success. After attending Plainfield High School and completing her GED through night school, she pursued her studies at Sawyer Business School. 

Currently working as a personal care aide, Jacqueline initially entered this field due to the flexibility of hours, as she had to take custody of her niece and nephew,leading her to resign from her previous warehouse job. With a heart full of empathy, she finds joy in being a caretaker, cherishing the opportunity to meet diverse individuals and personalities. 

Jacqueline's advice to aspiring professionals is profound: "Follow your passion rather than seek income." She firmly believes that a strong work ethic, punctuality, pride in one's work, and a willingness to learn various job skills are crucial for professional success,regardless of the industry. While her current industry holds fond memories, such as her time as a crossing guard, Jacqueline's affinity for working with children and the elderly remains strong. Her previous desire to become a daycare provider speaks to her genuine love for nurturing and caring for others.

With a heart filled with love and a commitment to making a positive impact,Jacqueline continues to uplift and support those around her, leaving a lasting impression on the lives she touches.

Co-Author Lisa Arose

Lisa Arose, a native of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is a dedicated individual driven by faith, service, and personal growth. Raised as the tenth child in a family from St. Kitts and Nevis, she attended esteemed institutions such as Joseph Gomez Elementary School, All Saints Cathedral School, and Ivanna Eudora Kean High School.

Over the years, Lisa actively participated in church and school choirs. She also engaged in organizations like the Girl Scouts of America, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and National Student Council. Holding a Business Administration degree from the Katharine Gibbs School in New York, she combines her educational background with a Bachelor's in Religious Education.

Lisa's impactful contributions include coordinating missionary trips to Ghana, Nigeria, and Antigua. She has taken on numerous leadership roles within her church, and her professional expertise spans Executive Director, General Management, Community Organizer, and more.

As the founder of Faith Nite® and Selah® online ministries, Lisa encourages others to embrace the Word of God. She volunteers virtually with the American Red Cross of the Virgin Islands, the National M.S. Society, and ANATHAUSVI.

Lisa's journey has been influenced by esteemed spiritual leaders and churches such as Bishop William Industrious, the late Bishops Rufus Rogers and Amos W. Carty, Assemblies of God, and the City of the Lord's Faith Temple. Currently, she attends Judah Temple Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Christopher Powell.

With unwavering dedication, Lisa Arose continues to make a positive impact, empowering others to experience the fullness of God's Word and live a blameless life before Him.

Co-Author Sis Millicent Hill

Millicent Hill, better known as Mickey, is a captivating soul with an extraordinary journey. Born on June 19, 1955, in the heart of Southampton County, Courtland, VA, Mickey came into this world accompanied by her beloved twin sister, Mildred Smith. From an early age, she dreamt of serving in the army, driven by a strong sense of adventure and patriotism.

Mickey's vibrant personality shines through her ebony beauty, radiating warmth and charisma wherever she goes. She has a special place in her heart for the sunny state of Florida,which she considers her ultimate travel destination. As a devoted mother,Mickey raised two wonderful children, Devonne Cooper and Lamont Hill Sr.,instilling in them the values of love and determination.

Though life presented challenges,Mickey's resilience pushed her to pursue her education. At 60, she triumphantly obtained her GED, proving it's never too late to chase one's dreams. Along her diverse career path, she thrived as a choir member, excelled in home economics,and humbly began her professional journey by cleaning houses for neighbors.

Mickey's warm and friendly nature led her to various managerial roles, including at Huddle House and Smithfield Packing. She also worked as a dedicated 301 operator and displayed her culinary skills as a cashier and biscuit maker at Hardee's. Embracing her caring nature, Mickey served as a Certified Nursing Assistant at East Pavilion,impacting the lives of those in need.

Meeting new people has always been Mickey's passion, and she cherishes the countless connections she has made. Through her incredible journey, she has witnessed awe-inspiring transformations in people's lives, particularly the younger generation.Grateful for God's unwavering support, Mickey credits divine intervention for guiding her through tough times and preventing her from ever giving up.

Millicent Hill, a remarkable individual with an unwavering spirit, reminds us that embracing challenges leads to personal growth. Her inspiring story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of never losing faith in oneself.

Co-Author Tina Burnette

Tina Marie Burnette is awoman of unwavering faith, placing God at the forefront of her life, followed by cherished family and friends. Tina's divine purpose is to uplift and encourage others, guided by her motto of extending the same grace she has received countless times.

A native of Raleigh, NC, and African American with a strong cultural identity, Tina's educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree from Liberty University. Tina's professional experience encompasses various roles, including Medical Receptionist, Customer Care Representative, and Beauty Advisor.

Currently pursuing her Master of Divinity in Community Chaplaincy, Tina aspires to create a judgment-free zone where her life points people to Christ. Her three-year-old nephew and several younger cousins are her deepest sources of pride and joy. Prayer is herwell-kept secret, grounding her in strength and guidance.

In pursuing her Master's degree, Tina is committed to personally and professionally growing. She valuesthe lessons learned from her education, understanding the importance of hardwork and its ability to yield great rewards. She finds fulfillment in giving back to her community and volunteers at a men's homeless shelter in Raleigh.Tina enjoys shopping and embarking on cruises, with Jamaica and Aruba among her favorite travel destinations in her free time.

God Is A God Of Miracles!

The purpose of miracles in the Bible is to serve as evidence of God’s presence and His involvement in the lives of His people.

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